LABRADOR CMS: Jay Lee and Brage Lie Jow presenting Labrador CMS's AI technology at the BIMS 2024 summit in New Orleans.

Labrador on stage in USA this week

Jay Lee and Brage Lie Jor showcase how AI is revolutionizing journalism at the SIIA summit in New Orleans.

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Labrador CMS at BIMS 2024 Summit

Labrador CMS, a content management system, is set to present at the BIMS 2024 summit in New Orleans, showcasing AI's role in enhancing journalistic efficiency.

The platform, already live in 10 countries, is expanding globally, citing ease of use, cost and time savings, advanced technology, and customer service as key selling points.

This factbox was generated by Labrador AI and proof-read by a journalist.

Labrador is in New Orleans and ready for the BIMS 2024 summit by SIIA later this week! 

Growth marketer Jay Lee and head of partnerships Brage Lie Jor  will be on stage Thursday morning to show and tell how we at Labrador CMS use AI to make journalists better and more effective.

They are looking forward to sharing some of our experiences with an American audience for the first time in Labrador history. Yes.

- We are really exited about presenting Labrador to the US market for the first time. BIMS, with it's focus on B2B magazines, provides a great platform for us to share our experiences in both AI and in other aspects of news publishing, Brage Lie Jor says.

- And it's really nice to be in a beautiful city like New Orleans, with a climate that can provide a welcome break from a long Norwegian winter, he continues.

Labrador CMS is currently running sites in 10 countries and are expanding from Europe to Asia and USA this year. 

The top five reasons why publishers buy Labrador are:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Significant Cost savings
  3. Time savings to focus on content
  4. Advanced, best in class technology
  5. Excellent customer service

The Labrador team is in New Orleans to talk about how Labrador is using AI to help journalists. This is what SIIA wrote on the website about the session:

"How 270 European Publishers Use AI To Cut Costs and Increase Efficiency. Labrador CMS takes AI into the newsrooms of 270 European publishers. This is a sneak peak into what they are doing and how AI can be implemented in the everyday life of the journalist."

Since that post was written a month ago Labrador has launched more than 20 new sites, so right now Labrador is running 291 sites.