Labrador CMS Product

The reliable and scalable backbone of your publishing business

Labrador CMS is a modern tool built for creating and publishing great-looking digital publications and magazines quickly and easily.

Enable a 100% digital workflow with ease using Labrador CMS.

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A tool for modern journalists

Labrador CMS has all the functionality you need to write, design and publish articles. It allows for editing directly in the layout for both text and images. You no longer need to switch between a multitude of different tools.

With Labrador CMS, what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). Editing directly in your publication layout makes the tool super easy and fast to use.

Labrador CMS key features

As fast as breaking news

When big news occurs, Labrador CMS helps you to publish articles lightning fast. Edit articles and images on the go and update published articles at any time as the news unfold.

Customisable and flexible

Labrador CMS is versatile and can be used to create any type of digital publication. Choose between magazine and news templates, or create your own style that perfectly matches your brand.

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On all screens, always

Your audience wants to read publications on a variety of screen sizes. With Labrador CMS, your articles are automatically published for a large screen and a mobile layout, and you can adjust the layout easily.

Included in Labrador CMS

Labrador CMS is licensed as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that new features are added continuously with no downtime for the users and with no extra costs. With a Labrador CMS license, you get access to all the following features and benefits.

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  • Free hosting
  • Free support
  • Free upgrades
  • 99.9% up time guarantee
  • Personal dashboards
  • Image storage and search
  • File upload storage
  • Admin tools Copy
  • Article templates
  • Manual front pages
  • Automatic front pages
  • Front page teasers
More than just a CMS

All the plugins and integrations publishers need

We partner with the best software providers to give you easy access to ad-systems, print systems and paywalls. You can also create your own custom integrations with Labrador CMS. Our integration partners include, amongst others:

Print Systems

Ad Systems


Video Systems

Statistics Systems

Newswires and Images

External DAM Systems