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For any type of publication

Labrador CMS powers more than 200 publications. We support a wide variety of publications, from online newspapers, magazines and other digital publications. Here are some of our reference customers.

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“We use Labrador because it’s built for web publishing by people who really know what web publishing means”

- Executive at science magazine

“We like that Labrador is so easy to use. Anyone on the team can learn to use it and we need very little time for training.”

- Web publisher at medium sized journal

“Labrador is so easy to use. Especially to edit front pages, for both mobile and desktop.”

- Journalist at medium sized journal

Online newspapers

Labrador CMS is optimised for speed and flexibility.
It gives journalists superpowers.

Lifestyle & fashion

Bring your lifestyle publication to life with Labrador CMS.
With Labrador CMS you can customise templates to fit your brand and style.

Science & industry

Make sure your news and results reach your audience.
Publishing articles has never been easier.