Labrador CMS pricing price calculator


A cost-saving and simple licensing model

Subscribe to Labrador CMS and pay only for the team members who use it. Labrador CMS is a software as a service (SaaS), which means you can start and end your subscription at anytime. You only pay for the people who use it.
All licences include free hosting up to 5 million requests, upgrades and support.
Additional traffic are charged extra.

Most customers save money on traffic by swapping to Labrador CMS.


Team size:*
5 people
Traffic: 1.2 million pageviews included

€1109 / month


Team size:*
15 people
Traffic: 1.2 million pageviews included

€2218 / month


Team size:*
30 people
Traffic: 1.2 million pageviews included

€3326 / month

Enterprise 60

Team size*
60 people

Sample traffic, < 3,8 mill page views - 1109 € 

€6653 / month including traffic and cache

Enterprise 90

Team size*
90 people

Sample traffic, < 7,7 mill page views - 2218 €

€9979 / month including traffic and cache

Enterprise 120

Team size*

Sample traffic, < 7,7 mill page views - 2218 €

Enterprise 150

Team size*
150 people

Sample traffic, 25 mill page views - 4990 € 

€14 827 / month including traffic and cache

Enterprise 300

Team size*
300 people

Sample traffic, 75 million page views 8316 € 

€23 839 / month including traffic and cache

Enterprise 600

Team size*
600 people

Sample traffic, 100 million pageviews 11088 €

We also support larger installations and will host your site at a server cluster near your home audience. Labrador is by default mulisite, so all plans supports and includes option for several sites.

Labrador Developer platform

Technical team size - no limit*
Personal development servers
Stage servers
Access to support via shared Slack-channel
Full rights to build anything in editor and on end user pages.

+ €1109 / month

Labrador CMS Monthly License Calculator

* Number of people counted as Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) in your editorial team.
The prices above are examples. Please contact us for an exact quote.

We offer tailor-made licenses for enterprises and extra large teams. Contact us for any questions about our licenses or for a tailor-made offer.

    Whats included in these prices?

    To determine the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Labrador CMS, please have this in mind:

    Software Licences: Included

    Hardware Cost:

    Traffic and storage: Included with dynamic scaling. No extra charge for traffic peaks.

    Training: We train your staff. We retrain when needed.

    Disaster Recovery and Backup:
    5 copies on 5 servers in 3 countries. Complete nightly cloud backup.

    Managed by Labrador Devops and cloud partners. Including: Content Delivery Network (CDN) advanced DDoS mitigation and SSL Encryption and certificates. Our customers withstand massive attacks on a daily basis.

    Cache: With Labrador CMS you can cut your cache-bill. We take care of it using world class solutions.

    Digital ID: You login using your Google ID or your Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory). No login credentials are stored in the system.

    Digital Asset Management: Store all the high res images needed to produce your online and print editions in Labrador CMS. Unlimited size.

    Operational Support: We offer support on several levels. Strategic support to management, operational support for hosting and uptime issues, support and training for editorial staff.

    No hidden cost: Onboarding, migration and setup will be done for a fixed price.

    Integrations: For a one time fixed fee, we integrate with your paywall, data analytics, ad system, print system, news letter system, video system, news wire services, image wire or even your planning tool. Once set up, we maintain these connections. No hidden cost.

    Headless CMS: You own your content. Access your content trough JSON, RSS or APIs.

    Head included: Render and edit your contend with our frontend. No need to maintain custom rendering engine (unless you really want to).

    Free Images and video: We have integrated YouTube and Pixabay for your convenience.

    With developer access you get all of the above plus:

    Support: Developer support. We train your developers to be able to build anything with Labrador.

    Slack Channel: We create a dedicated Slack channel for you development team to help you build faster and use built in functions to 3x your development speed.

    Developer Chatbot: We trained an AI with 30.000 lines of documentation to help your developers find answers faster.

    Change Custom View: Change anything from page start to page end in your custom view. Without loosing the weekly core code upgrades.

    Personal Developer Servers: We help you set up your own professional development environment.

    Developer Tools: You get access to all of our developer tools.

    Build custom integrations: Lets you connect to your own custom LLMs or custom Paywalls or Personalisation. Want Labrador CMS to render non-labrador content? No problem.

    Edit the editor: Anything in the editor can be customized, turned on or off and you can add functions and buttons without Labrador CMS knowing it.

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