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Labrador CMS Takes Stage at WAN-IFRA Oslo Newsroom Summit

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Discover how Labrador CMS is transforming the newsroom at the Newsroom Summit in Oslo!

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Labrador CMS

  • Partnering with WAN-IFRA for Newsroom Summit in Oslo
  • Option study tour of newsroom with hundreds of journalists
  • Customizable workflows for multi-platform publishing
  • AI-powered tools for accelerating content creation

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This october Labrador CMS will be partnering with WAN-IFRA to host the Newsroom Summit in Oslo. It will also include a optional study tour that allows you to see Labrador CMS in production in a newsroom with several hundred journalists pushing their stories to the same front page.

As an increasingly global content management provider, Labrador CMS, will  drive innovation discussions at the summit. As a partner and sponsor and member of WAN.IFRA, Labrador CMS will occupy a prominent role at the influential industry event.

Conference attendees will see the latest in Labrador CMS firsthand through vibrant product demonstrations running each day. Interactive sessions at the company's expo booth will highlight customizable workflows for multi-platform publishing, and AI-powered tools for accelerating content creation.

If you want to go technical, we can tell you how to run Labrador CMS as headless CMS, how you can use our APIs, what kind of magic Content Boxes can do for your production, how you can build scrollytelling features or how to integrate with your paywall or print system, or how we can serve 2 billion pageviews a month with 100% uptime.

Oh. And you can test our AI-tools in your local language.