Exciting V75 at Halmstad Racetrack

V75 HALMSTAD RACETRACK: Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson does not present trotting tips, but V75 at Halmstad Racetrack offers exciting races this weekend.

The favorite Kipketer Mears ready to shine in today's hottest harness race, with barefoot dancing and spring vibes at the racetrack.

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V75 at Halmstad Racetrack

  • V75-5 is run as Class 2, a betting race with several interesting angles. The front-runner 8 Caton with the pole position could be a decisive factor in the race.
  • The favorite 6 Kipketer Mears, trained by Ulf Stenströmer, won last time and is expected to perform well again. Stenströmer is planning to make adjustments to the horse's equipment before the race.

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March started in the best way with a sharp lunch ranking and an impressive V6 feature from the evening express exceeding 100 thousand! With confidence, we look forward to V75 from Halmstadtravet, where there will be barefoot dancing in many places, and we'll get a taste of spring!

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Her er Ärets bÄt for travinteresserte

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Best Ă„ hente litt vann

V75-5 is run today as Class 2, and it's a fun betting race that we have several angles on. The fact that the sprinter type 8 Caton has gotten the inside track will likely be a factor in the race, and how we ended up with the ranking and bathtub driving can be found in the product! The favorite bet is 6 Kipketer Mears, who can benefit from a high pace in the race. 'Stenis' was very optimistic when we checked the situation with him earlier in the week, and he made the following statement about the horse.

"6 KIPKETER MEARAS won with a bit to spare last time in the season debut with an 11-finish, and Björn was very pleased with him, it was the finest impression of him so far, although he was also positive in last year's final start. He feels more agile than before after that race, and we have expectations for him on Saturday. He was restless last time, so I'm lightening him a bit in the back now, and then I hope to be able to drive without boots in front, otherwise, it will be light boots. We're waiting to use draw reins," says Ulf Stenströmer.