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Uffe Dahl, Owner and Editor-in-Chief at Nyheder.dk says Labrador CMS is instrumental in their ability to deliver breaking news quickly.

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There's an unspoken truth in journalism: No one loves their content management system (CMS).

However, Labrador CMS seems to be an exception. 

In our conversation with Uffe, we decided to put this rumor to the test. We asked him directly, "Do you actually love Labrador CMS?"  

 His response was unequivocal: "Yes, I do. I actually love it."

“When you have to change the CMS system it is quite a large operation, but Labrador ensured a smooth transition and everything went according to the agreement. When the time came to shift, it went flawlessly.”

Uffe Dahl, Owner and Editor in Chief, Nyheder.dk

In a recent talk with Uffe Dahl, owner and editor-in-chief at Nyheder.dk, he shares about the impact of using the online web content publishing system created by journalists, for journalists. We asked how it became a key driver of growth for their online news platform. 

Nyheder.dk is a news site that writes about people and stories that mean something to people. He mentions that their traffic has significantly increased in the last year leading them to upgrade their traffic license tier - which is another indicator of growth; they have close to 1 million pageviews. 

Nyheter.dk front page with breaking news effects and moving gif images on their front page really give a sense of urgency.

Breaking the news first 

Nyheder.dk's Editor-in-Chief Uffe Dahl was intrigued that Labrador CMS was developed by journalists for journalists, and sold exclusively to media houses. After a meeting with the Labrador team, Uffe recognized the potential for a successful partnership. 

Uffe emphasized the critical importance of speed for Nyheder.dk, a tabloid news platform. "In the fast-paced world of tabloid media, speed is everything," he explained. "Labrador CMS is instrumental in our ability to deliver breaking news quickly. We don't have to wait for anything, we write a headline and a couple of lines and we can get it out. It is then displayed on our front page while we continue to develop it further. This flexibility gives us the power to adapt and refine our articles as needed."

Smooth migration process 

When discussing the migration process, Uffe noted, “I actually did not need to do anything. Labrador took care of everything! For my part that was very easy. In our house we only do journalism. The funny part is that Labrador's slogan is ‘Just add Journalism’ and that is exactly what we are doing!”

“When you have to change the CMS System, it is quite a large operation, but Labrador ensured a smooth transition and everything went according to plan. When the time came to shift, it went flawlessing.”

Unlocking AI Power: Nyheder.dk Shares Experience with Labrador's Features

We were curious how Labrador’s AI functionalities help Nyheder.dk.
Uffe told us: “AI is a process. Right now it is moving very fast and you can see that Labrador is on it. We are using Labrador’s AI features. We generate social media texts from articles, SEO texts and also the citation articles. ”

He continued: “Half of our production is done by using Labrador AI citation article function, which allows us more time to make the other half of articles even better. This is the tool to have in your toolbox.”

Why Labrador?

Uffe mentions a couple of crucial things that helped him decide to choose Labrador CMS, highlighting the platform's speed and flexibility. 

“I chose Labrador because it is easy to use and intuitive, you just sit down and use it. They (Labrador representatives) told us that we actually did not need any training before we started using it, and they were right. I had just a few training sessions and I felt confident teaching my staff. The price was also right, that was important to us, too.”

He goes on to tell about his experience after using Labrador's favorite features. “What I like most is that you can do anything–you can choose to do anything with pictures, videos, headlines. Even when a new front editor is taking the chair they don't have to look at how the other one did it. It just flows.”

Labrador CMS: A Journalist-Focused Content Management System

  • Labrador CMS, developed by journalists for journalists, is praised for its speed and flexibility, enabling rapid news delivery and easy content adaptation on platforms like Nyheder.dk.
  • Nyheder.dk's significant traffic increase and smooth CMS migration highlight Labrador CMS's efficiency and user-friendly design, supporting media outlets in their digital transformation.

This factbox was generated by Labrador AI and proof-read by a journalist.