LABRADOR CMS UPGRADE: TV 2 team celebrates the successful upgrade to Labrador 4 with custom cupcakes featuring the new logo.

TV 2 Celebrates Successful Upgrade to Labrador 4

The Norwegian broadcaster has seamlessly transitioned to the latest version of their trusted CMS, enhancing features and celebrating with themed cupcakes.

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TV 2 has just upgraded to Labrador 4, and it was a hundred percent successful transition! Labrador CMS has been a loyal companion for TV2 since 2013, and now they've finally taken it to the next level.

Cupcake and new features

It was an exciting day at TV 2 when they launched the new version of Labrador. The entire team was eager and ready to take advantage of the new features that came with the upgrade. From changing the color of the logo to adding interactive elements to the website, Labrador 4 had a lot to offer.

To celebrate the success, TV 2 decided to hand out cupcakes with the green Labrador logo on top.

The love for the Labrador CMS extended not just to the software itself, but also to the dog that the system was named after. Maybe it was a tribute to the dogs that have helped humans for years, or maybe it was just a good excuse to eat cupcakes on a Thursday. 

New tricks

Whatever the reason, it was a successful celebration. The TV 2 team couldn't have been happier with the transition to Labrador 4, and they look forward to exploring the new features in the time to come.

It's always exciting when you can learn new tricks, and with Labrador 4, there's no doubt that TV2 is ready for whatever comes next.

So if you see a green Labrador logo on the TV 2 website, you can be sure that they've celebrated with cupcakes. 

Labrador 4 is here to stay, and there's no doubt that it will be a loyal companion for TV 2 in the years to come.