Jon Reidar Hammerfjeld of Labrador CMS, Francis Lundh, Technology Director of Mentor Media, and Jan Thoresen, CEO of Labrador CMS Photo: Lars Inge Staveland

Mentor Medier enters into an agreement with several local newspapers - "We will give them a good home"

A number of newspapers that have previously collaborated with Polaris Media enter into an agreement with Mentor Medier's new tech company, which will be named Unite. Together with Mediaconnect and Labrador CMS, they will deliver completely new solutions.

Partnership and Technology Upgrade for Local Newspapers

  • Local newspapers including Vest-Telemark Blad and Os & Fusaposten will adopt new technology for user payments and subscriptions through a partnership with Mentor Medier and Labrador CMS.
  • The collaboration aims to enhance digital subscription technology, crucial for the newspapers' financial sustainability, and includes services like apps, customer journeys, and group services.

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The newspapers initially in question include Vest-Telemark Blad, Os & Fusaposten, Hordaland Folkeblad, Firda Tidend, Grenda, Suldalsposten and Tysnes. According to Unite's general manager and Mentor Medier's development director, Francis Lundh, there may also be talk of several newspapers.

"We think it is extremely exciting to collaborate with such solid local newspapers, and look forward to giving them a good, technological home. Together with our own sister company Mediaconnect and Labrador CMS, they will get very competitive solutions," says Lundh.

The newspapers will have access to new technology within user payment, login, apps and customer journeys, in addition to subscription systems. They can also take part in certain group services at Mentor Medier.

Increased investment

"We hope this will be the beginning of a long and fruitful journey, and we have room for more on the team. Digital subscription technology is an area in which the entire industry must rise in the future in order to make money, and when there are more of us, it helps that we can invest even more where we want," says Lundh.

"We are happy to have entered into a partnership agreement with Mentor Medier, and are sure that this is the right choice for Vest-Telemark magazine into the future. It is certain that there are several local newspapers that have chosen the same solution," says Tor Arve Vartdal, general manager of Vest-Telemark blad.

"As an independent newspaper, we cannot do it alone. Mentor Medier is an aggressive group that shows that they invest in development. It suits us well," adds editor Øystein Øygarden.


General manager Jan Thoresen of Labrador CMS has great expectations for the collaboration with Unite and the local newspapers that are now switching to their CMS solutions.

"This will be a lot of fun and we are already well underway with importing articles and layouts from the local newspapers. Labrador CMS is a ready-made publishing system that is already integrated with analysis, payment, newsletters and print solutions and everything else that these need. We are delighted that so many local newspapers have chosen our solution, and we believe that the collaboration with Mentor Medier will give them both extra security and extra functionality," says Thoresen.

Labrador CMS is a Norwegian-developed publishing platform for online newspapers that now operates 300 online newspapers in 12 countries. The company has been a leader in simple and easy-to-use solutions, and has also been an early adopter of delivering AI functions to newsrooms.