Fjell-Ljom: Nils Kåre Nesvold and Morten Haugseggen at the newspaper in Røros.

Fjell-Ljom Takes a Step Forward in Digital Transformation with Labrador CMS

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Fjell-Ljom, a local newspaper in Røros, Norway, is taking a step forward in its digital transformation by signing an agreement with Labrador CMS.

Editor Nils Kåre Nesvold and journalist Morten Haugseggen are looking forward to using the platform and express great satisfaction with its user-friendliness and functionality.

Nesvold explains why they have chosen to enter into an agreement with Labrador CMS:

Easy to use

"As a local newspaper with limited resources and limited technical expertise, it is important for us to have a platform that is easy to use and at the same time gives us the flexibility to publish and update content quickly and efficiently. We have found that Labrador CMS meets all our requirements and provides us with an intuitive and user-friendly solution that we can use immediately."

Modern and efficient platform

Labrador CMS is a cloud-based publishing platform developed specifically for media companies. The platform is known for its user-friendly interface and functionalities that help users publish and update content easily and quickly. In addition, the platform provides advanced editorial workflow, integration with social media, and search engine optimization.

The transition to Labrador CMS is expected to give Fjell-Ljom a more modern and efficient publishing platform, which will help strengthen the newspaper's digital presence and engagement with its audience. In addition, the agreement with Labrador CMS will give the newspaper access to customer support and technical expertise, which will help ensure a smooth and efficient implementation of the new platform.