Customer hired as developer at Labrador CMS

LABRADOR CMS EXPANSION: Labrador CMS welcomes a new team member in Malmö, Daniel Falkenbert, as part of their global expansion.

When the Malmö office was closed down by the customer in Sweden, Labrador CMS was quick to call full-stack developer Daniel Falkenbert.

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Labrador CMS Expansion and Employee Insights

  • Daniel Falkebert joins Labrador CMS as a Frontend Developer, marking the company's expansion into Malmö, Sweden, and enhancing their global presence.
  • Labrador CMS, a Norwegian SaaS company, powers 270 online newspapers across 10 countries, with plans to launch 100 new online newspapers in 2024.

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Daniel Falkebert is employed as a Frontend Developer at Labrador CMS. He is based in Malmö and will be the company's first employee in Sweden. 

The company currently has 23 employees in Oslo, Steinkjer, Lofoten, Lyngdal, Taipei, New York, Switzerland and now Malmö. An employee will soon be joining the company in the Philippines.

"It's great to be involved in building on the system I've been working with for seven years as a customer. When I told them I was open to employment, they were very accommodating, and I feel that we employees are appreciated in the company," says Falkenbert.

Labrador CMS is a Norwegian SaaS that currently operates 270 online newspapers in 10 different countries and delivers several billion page views a month. is one of its customers. 

The company expects to go live with 100 sites in 2024

Labrador CMS

The company expects to go live with 100 new online newspapers in 2024.- Daniel is a senior developer with extensive experience. 

"We're working hard to improve the Labrador Developer Platform so that developers can build exactly what they want for their online newspapers. The fact that Daniel has worked for seven years with Labrador at a customer is absolutely golden. He knows how we can become even better," says Head of Frontend Development Stian Andersen at Labrador CMS.