From left Anant Nath from Delhi Press, Jan Thoresen Labrador CMS and DN Mukherjea, RPSG group.

Labrador CMS share Digital Publishing Insights at Indian Magazine Congress

In a keynote we discussed how technology and monetization strategies can shape the future of digital publishing. Also in India.

There is no need to get stuck in your 2017 tech stack anymore, Thoresen says.

Labrador CMS has spent 13 years fine-tuning their CMS with hundreds of clients to help editorial publishers gain core functionality quickly and grow faster than their competitors. CEO Jan Thoresen was invited to speak at the Indian Magazine Congress in New Delhi late March, sharing sucess stories from Nordic publishers in India.

- The publishing industry in India is experiencing a significant shift towards digital content consumption, and the pandemic has accelerated this shift. As a leading SaaS company in the space, Labrador CMS is proud to be invited to be a part of this growth and help publishers navigate the digital transformation, Thoresen says

Journalism is under attack and can be saved by increased quality, CEO Jan Thoresen argued at the Indian Magazine Conference 2023.

One of the biggest challenges facing digital publishers in India is monetizing their content, as the abundance of free content online can make it difficult for publishers to find the balance between providing valuable content and generating revenue.

- However, by adopting a multi-faceted approach, including the implementation of paywalls and offering subscriptions, Indian publishers can better monetize their digital content.In India, there is a high interest in the next generation of online publication, and by combining the best tools for fast publishing, advanced paywalls, and automated print production, Indian publishers can save years of development time and better monetize their digital content, Thoresen says.

Thoresen believe that technology and a focus on monetization will be key to the continued success of the digital publishing industry in India.

- At Labrador CMS, we're committed to helping publishers grow with their great journalism, he says.

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