Norsk Golf is live with Labrador CMS

Norsk Golf live with Labrador

New site live with Labrador CMS

Norsk Golf is live with Labrador CMS as a platform for their new website. With Labrador CMS, the Norsk Golf team is now equipped with a tool for creating and publishing great-looking sites and pages.

For over a decade, we’ve used different platforms for our news and magazine website at Norsk Golf. It has been a complicated, tiresome and expensive process trying to come across with our needs and ideas to designers and developers outside the publishing industry.

Tom Erik Andersen, Editor in Chief, Norsk Golf

Andersen adds:

– As soon as we were introduced to Labrador CMS and the people behind it, we knew we were in good hands. Most of the tools and functionality were there right out of the box. And yet, it was impressively flexible and dynamic. With a little bit of customization and good help, we’ve been able to publish our newly designed website within weeks.

Take a look at their new site here:, which includes news, viewers' favourites, Golf TV, newsletter sign-up and much more.

We congratulate the team on the successful launch.

Would you like to get a demonstration of the publishing platform that Norsk Golf uses for its site? Book a demo of Labrador CMS