Anette Stensholt and Jon Reidar Hammerfjeld at Labrador CMS is going to Tidsskriftdagen in Stockholm this october.
Both Jon R. Hammerfjeld and Anette Stensholt at Labrador CMS have backgrounds as journalists. October 25th they are attending Tidsskriftdagen in Stockholm.

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Labrador CMS shows AI at Tidsskriftdagen Stockholm

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Show, don't tell - and that's exactly what Labrador CMS is going to do at Tidsskriftsdagen in Stockholm on October 25th. 

- I'm especially looking forward to showing journalists and editors how we use AI to help them save time in a busy workday, and also how fun and easy the system is to work with, says Anette Stensholt, customer success manager at Labrador CMS.

Labrador CMS is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), which means that all customers get updates and improvements continuously.

As the fastest growing CMS for the media industry in the Nordic countries, Labrador CMS is excited to show off all the new functions in the system. 

AI as assistance 

The company started in Norway, and in 2022 the focus on markets outside the country begun. Today large media houses in Norway, Sweden and Finland are using the solution Labrador CMS offers. 

Labrador CMS is growing fast.

The customers are spread over eight countries, and there are also several sites further south in Europa and in America. In total the system delivers around 2 billion page views per month. 

More than 250 sites, big and small, are now on the latest version of AI in the system.

Labrador CMS is made by journalists, for journalists and can also be delivered with developer access for larger media companies.

Sponsors Tidsskriftdagen 

Labrador CMS will be present in Stockholm both the day before and after Tidsskriftsdagen. 

- I'm looking forward to meeting existing customers and to show the system to several potential customers, says founder Jon R. Hammerfjeld.

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