We launched AI translation on the stage at Mx3 in London

AI INTEGRATION: Labrador CMS leverages AI to enhance content quality and productivity across multiple languages.

 Labrador CMS can now translate entire articles automatically between 141 languages.

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Labrador CMS has integrated artificial intelligence since the APIs from OpenAI became publicly available in May of this year. Now all customers of Labrador can run AI features on GPT 4 Turbo.

During a live demo on stage at Media Makers Meet - Mx3 in London on December 7th, Labrador CMS launched full automated AI translation of entire articles, including metadata, fact boxes, image captions, titles, tags, and all other text fields.

- This opens up entire new workflows and even new business ideas for cross-language publishing. This will help publishers get more distribution to their valuable content, said Labrador CMS CEO Jan Thoresen.

Structured data

Today, 259 websites are using Labrador in 10 countries, and the AI integration works in all languages.

Labrador CMS is built with structured data at its core, and we deliver continuous updates to all customers. We call this Beyond Headless. You get all the features you would expect from a headless system, and get access to lots of features on top of that. 

In this article, we have used our AI solution to create tags, write SEO titles and descriptions, write captions for the main image at the top of the page, for social media titles, and for a summary of the article itself.

141 languages available

CEO Jan Thoresen and Founder Jon R. Hammerfjeld on stage at Mx3 London december 2023.

The entire article has then been translated into a range of languages. We have included links to these articles below this article. Customers have 141 languages to choose from, and the translation works between all these languages. With 141 languages, there are 19,740 possible language pairs for translation.

All the languages available are listed in the fact box below the body text.

We received a lot of feedback after the presentation, both verbally and on LinkedIn.

- Your presentation was great; you have a great product


- A Super impressive system!

Growing fast

Labrador CMS is a Norwegian startup and has launched more than one site every week this year. The total traffic from the servers is 2 billion pageviews per month.

The software is only sold to media companies, and our team connects the software to paywalls, print systems, InDesign, ad systems, analytics, mobile apps, video, and e-paper.

Since Labrador CMS is delivered as SaaS, all integrations will be system-to-system integrations that are stable and maintaned.

We import all the articles from the customer's old publishing platform into Labrador CMS and make sure all old URLs are redirected and still work after the migration.

New functionality every week

Jan Thoresen at Mx3 London december 2023.

The system has been built to be easily integrated with any service, so when OpenAI was launched in November 2022, we were tripping on their API waiting list.

And then we integrated OpenAI and delivered it to all our customers. Now, they are all on Chat GPT-4.

We are also working to integrate different AI models. Support for Microsoft Azure OpenAI, Amazon Bedrock, and Anthropic Claude 2.1 are around the corner. When we get access to the Google Gemini API in a few weeks, we will add that too.

AI for productivity and quality

Labrador CMS has implemented AI to enhance productivity and ensure the quality of the content in articles. AI is solely used to refine the text that has already been input by journalists. Customers do not share any data with other customers, and content is not shared with OpenAI.

See this article translated below this article.

All 147 languages supported by translation in Labrador CMS

Labrador CMS now boasts an impressive translation feature, leveraging the advanced capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo model. This powerful tool supports translations between a vast array of languages, catering to a diverse global audience. The complete list of supported languages includes:


Albanian - shqip

Amharic - አማርኛ

Arabic - العربية

Aragonese - aragonés

Armenian - հայերեն

Asturian - asturianu

Azerbaijani - azərbaycan dili

Basque - euskara

Belarusian - беларуская

Bengali - বাংলা

Bosnian - bosanski

Breton - brezhoneg

Bulgarian - български

Catalan - català

Central Kurdish - کوردی (دەستنوسی عەرەبی)

Chinese - 中文

Chinese (Hong Kong) - 中文(香港)

Chinese (Simplified) - 中文(简体)

Chinese (Traditional) - 中文(繁體)


Croatian - hrvatski

Czech - čeština

Danish - dansk

Dutch - Nederlands

Dutch - Belgium

English (Australia)

English (Canada)

English (India)

English (New Zealand)

English (South Africa)

English (United Kingdom)

English (United States)

Esperanto - esperanto

Estonian - eesti

Faroese - føroyskt


Finnish - suomi

French (Canada) - français (Canada)

French (France) - français (France)

French (Switzerland) - français (Suisse)

Galician - galego

Georgian - ქართული

German (Austria) - Deutsch (Österreich)

German (Germany) - Deutsch (Deutschland)

German (Liechtenstein) - Deutsch (Liechtenstein)

German (Switzerland) - Deutsch (Schweiz)

Greek - Ελληνικά

Greenlandic - Kalaallisut

Greenlandic - Danish


Gujarati - ગુજરાતી


Hawaiian - ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi

Hebrew - עברית

Hindi - हिन्दी

Hungarian - magyar

Icelandic - íslenska

Indonesian - Indonesia


Irish - Gaeilge

Italian - italiano

Italian (Italy) - italiano (Italia)

Italian (Switzerland) - italiano (Svizzera)

Japanese - 日本語

Kannada - ಕನ್ನಡ

Kazakh - қазақ тілі

Khmer - ខ្មែរ

Korean - 한국어

Kurdish - Kurdî

Kyrgyz - кыргызча

Lao - ລາວ


Latvian - latviešu

Lingala - lingála

Lithuanian - lietuvių

Macedonian - македонски

Malay - Bahasa Melayu

Malayalam - മലയാളം

Maltese - Malti

Marathi - मराठी

Mongolian - монгол

Nepali - नेपाली

Norwegian Bokmål - norsk bokmål

Norwegian Nynorsk - nynorsk


Oriya - ଓଡ଼ିଆ

Oromo - Oromoo

Pashto - پښتو

Persian - فارسی

Polish - polski

Portuguese - português

Portuguese (Brazil) - português (Brasil)

Portuguese (Portugal) - português (Portugal)

Punjabi - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ


Romanian - română

Romanian (Moldova) - română (Moldova)

Romansh - rumantsch

Russian - русский

Scottish Gaelic

Serbian - српски

Serbo - Croatian

Shona - chiShona


Sinhala - සිංහල

Slovak - slovenčina

Slovenian - slovenščina

Somali - Soomaali

Southern Sotho

Spanish - español

Spanish (Argentina) - español (Argentina)

Spanish (Latin America) - español (Latinoamérica)

Spanish (Mexico) - español (México)

Spanish (Spain) - español (España)

Spanish (United States) - español (Estados Unidos)


Swahili - Kiswahili

Swedish - svenska

Tajik - тоҷикӣ

Tamil - தமிழ்


Telugu - తెలుగు

Thai - ไทย

Tigrinya - ትግርኛ

Tongan - lea fakatonga

Turkish - Türkçe



Ukrainian - українська

Urdu - اردو


Uzbek - o'zbek

Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt

Walloon - wa

Welsh - Cymraeg

Western Frisian



Yoruba - Èdè Yorùbá

Zulu - isiZulu

Users can effortlessly translate their content, ensuring it reaches a wider audience across linguistic barriers. The convenience and ease of use of this feature, combined with its extensive language support, make it an invaluable tool for content creators worldwide.